Ice Fishing Services


Want to go ice fishing, but don't want to hassle with finding a spot and setting up? Let us take care of that for you. We regularly move our houses to keep them on fish. We take care of drilling the holes out and turning up the heat. We will do what we can to make your ice fishing experience a great one.

Day House Rental


Are you looking for a day of ice fishing fun? Well we have the solution for you. We offer different size houses to accomodate your ice fishing needs.

Weekday rates:

3-4 person  house       $200

5-6 person house        $250

Weekend rate:

2-4 person house        $250 

5-6 person house        $300                       



Sleeper House Rental


Are you interested in the overnight fishing experience? This is the package for you.


We offer several sleeper houses to accommodate your overnight fishing needs. The sleeper houses can accommodate up to 4 people.


Sleeer House Rates 1-3 people       $295 per day

Sleeper House 4 people                  $350 per day



Equipment Rental



Want to go ice fishing but don't have all the supplies? We can help you out. We offer Vexilars, generators, and even fish cleaning services.


Vexilar $20 per day

Fish cleaning $20 - $50 (depends on catch)

Generator $25 per day